14 Jun 12

A Great Deed - For a brave person


On Thursday the 14th of June 2012, a young man was brought to the Papillon Centre by Christa Tagg, one of The Papillon Foundation board members, with a great need for a computer to improve his life.

Imagine his delight when he received a late model desk top computer from Papillon for free with no strings attached!

Sinethemba suffers from a condition called “Elephantitis” and he is bravely trying to make an income for himself from some entrepreneurial activities. A computer is an ideal tool for him to keep an accurate control of his ventures and an internet connection is certain to open new doors for him.

The board, management, staff and supporters of The Papillon Foundation are delighted to assist Sinethemba and it is inspiring to meet a person that never allows any disabilities to detract from his determination to improve his own life.

We pray that this could be a lesson to many of us as to how we should approach life and the many difficulties that we have to face.

A positive mindset is all that is required and we certainly wish Sinethemba only the best for his future.